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There are many things called The Sound…

The Sound was an English post-punk band formed in South London in 1979 and disbanded in 1988. The Sound Band is not related to but was a very cool band.

Adrian Borland was frontman and evolved from his previous band, the Outsiders. The Sound was formed in 1979 in south London from the remnants of punk bands like the outsiders. The music of The Sound was not like the Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music is the story of the von Trapp family. It has fascinated the whole world since the film version of the Sound of Music aired in 1965. When production began in Salzburg in 1964, nobody dreamed that the film would become famous worldwide. The lead actress, Julie Andrews, had recently made her lead actress debut in “The Little Mermaid,” and seemed predestined for the role of a nanny.

The German film was made after Max Reinhardt, son of Wolfgang, bought the film rights of Maria von Trapp in 1956. Schloss Leopoldskron was considered by location scouts as a filming location, according to his father.

At that time a white bandstand stood in the castle park and played an important role during the romantic scenes of the film. Since the number of tourists increased enormously after the release of Sound of Music, the pavilions were moved to Hellbrunn Palace in order to avoid the parking jam around Sch. The sound of Maria von Trapp’s film score and music was imitated with this film set and referred to as the “sound and music palace.

The Sound didn’t have the will to pursue a major label deal, the WEA – affiliated Korova label was about to be kicked out when they learned that the band was going back to the studio to make a full album. Despite the label’s commitment, Jeopardy was received cheaply and its release received a very positive response from major media outlets. While it was rightly compared to Bunnymen’s Teardrop Explodes in a Joy Division review, you have to listen to the weaker songs on the record to realize this.

Fittingly, Borland’s decision to cut ties with the punk movement mirrored that of original Buzzcocks member Howard Devoto, who had his own band scratched. Bi – Marshall left the band and was replaced by Max Mayers (alias Colvin Mayer), while The Sound continued to work on the sequel – along with master producer Hugh Jones, who had previously worked with Teardrops and the Bunnymen on a sequel.

Korova put pressure on Borland and his bandmates to release a more commercially successful third album, with the sound shifting to WEA under Korova. Former outsider Adrian Janes supported the cause by working behind the scenes with him in some way and writing the band’s lyrics with his former bandmate. Borlands simply railed against the government and bellowed about trivial things just to keep the song moving, becoming a singer and songwriter whose unique blend of punk rock and post-punk was well worth recording and analyzing.

The Sound released a joint EP under the name HEWICK with their former bandmate and former friend Adrian Janes. Keep the Cover Unreal and released an EP, Shock Daylight, which was well received by the music press.

After the Physical World EP the band intended to record a full length album, but after the album Marshall left the group and was replaced by Colvin and Max Mayer (formerly of the Cardiacs).

Two dates in the marquee in August were recorded for the 1986 live double album “Hothouse.” Borland released a joint EP with the band on the same day as their first album, and they went on to release two more live albums in 1987, “Borland” (1986) and “Dangerous Minds” (1987).

When I heard the illicit noises of pirate radio in the 90s, I caught a glimpse of my destiny, which fed on the sounds of Talking Heads, the Grateful Dead and the late 80s and early 90s. Play, “but the band let the darkness fall in and crept back in with the release of their second album” Dangerous Minds “in 2004.

Holland left school to become a runner for a company making music videos and spent what he earned at a London record store. It wasn’t long before he was sneaking into Sunday parties at Blue Note in Shoreditch in London’s East End. Founded by Goldie, it became a regular hangout for Holland, and it wasn’t long before they sneaked out of their house in the early hours of the morning for the first time in years. Online, there is a producer community that teams up to beat the market, hoping to learn production tricks and make the connection that will bring them a major breakthrough. The loop is original music that Prasad composed on his computer, a melodic idea that could serve as an instrumental hook for a song to which the rest of the song is attached. At first he tried to replicate what he had seen on the London Underground in the early days of hip-hop, but he didn’t see it quite as well as he did in New York.

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