Copyright-Free Background Music for Videos

How it Works

We collect a tiny royalty from the social media and streaming systems (Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) every time one of our songs is played. gives away free music tracks that can be used as background music, intros, or just listened to for enjoyment; and sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify are then required to pay us a very small fee when our songs are streamed through their platforms.

This works thorugh an automatic detection system that recognizes the songs we have produced and registered in their tracking systems.

We’ve done the hard part, now all you have to do is add our music to your videos, live streams, or simply listen to our tracks on Spotify to help raise money for the Willivision Foundation’s dog rescure efforts. We’ll even produce a custom track for your intro if you want – just ask and we’ll create music for your use.

We just need to add you to our license, and you’re good to go!

Important! You Must Register for a FREE License to use Music

Free License music is FREE for non-commercial use in your videos and on social media under a Creative Commons license CC-By-NC-1.0 with the attribution of "Music by" - Submit your first name and email address to get a link to download the music files.

Learn about the CC-By-NC-1.0 License

Donation Requested for Commercial Use

For commercial use (in a movie, commercial, advertisement, etc.) of music we ask that you make a donation. This is not required for any commercial use on social media.

Donations to support our charitable efforts are always welcome.

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