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Performed at Knebworth, England on August 11th 1979


In the 1970s, Led Zeppelin became one of the most influential rock groups of the decade. The members wore extravagant clothing with Page leading the way with a flamboyant sparkling moon-and-stars outfit. Led Zeppelin improved their concert performances by adding a light show and lasers They travelled in a private Boeing 720 jet (nicknamed the Starship), rented out entire floors of luxury hotels, including the Continental Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles, which became known as the “Riot House.”

They became the subject of frequently repeated stories of debauchery. Band member, John Bonham, rode a motorcycle down the halls of the Riot House, while another involved the destroying a hotel room at the Tokyo Hilton, causing the group to be banned for life.

Led Zeppelin developed a reputation for destroying their hotel rooms and throwing TV sets out the windows. Some say these legendary tales are exaggerated. Music journalist Chris Welch says, “Led Zeppelin’s antics spawned many stories, but it was a myth that they were constantly engaged in acts of wanton destruction and lewd behaviour. They only did that part of the time.”


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