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In 1994, TheSound.com became one of the first websites in the world to offer streaming of radio stations, music, and live events, including the world’s first live Internet concert by a major band, The Rolling Stones.

The concert was broadcast on the multicast backbone (MBONE), which connected the Internet service providers (ISPs) at the video transmission speed of 128 kb/sec.

About 100 ISPs enjoyed the world’s first live Internet concert, which made international news.

That feat was considered miraculous at that time because most Internet use was over a dial-up modem with extremely limited bandwidth of 56 kb/sec. A slow connection today is 200 times this speed.

In 1994, we planted the seeds of the birth of streaming and continue making music for release on the best streaming systems in the world now – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.


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