An Idea born from a domain name

In 1994, TheSound.com became one of the first websites in the world to offer streaming of radio stations and live events, including the world’s first live Internet concert by a major band, The Rolling Stones, which broadcast on the Mbone.

That feat was considered miraculous at that time because most Internet use was over a dial-up modem with limited bandwidth.

With the advent of the Coronavirus global pandemic, we felt more could to be done to have something meaningful to do with our suddenly abundant free time at home and also to give people a reason to stay indoors.

We are music lovers and tech enthusiasts

This website is the brainchild of a visionary philanthropist and a hard-working web development team who decided to do something to address the boredom of being confined to their homes through their passion for music and live events. Simple in scope, TheSound.com is an event calendar for streaming live shows.

Community Driven

The events and live streams that appear on TheSound.com are submitted by volunteers and members of the global community to promote the sharing and transmission of music and live events through compassion and technology.

Authentic Tradition

Partners and Sponsors

We rely on the generous support of our sponsors and supporters who provide us with free equipment, resources, and software needed to keep TheSound.com running as a free service for music lovers around the world. We are open to all manners of collaboration and support (and of course, donations are very welcome).

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